İksir Perfume is an MCC Kozmetik A.Ş. brand and product

Our company has been operating as İKSİR KOZMETİK in the cosmetics sector for 15 years and as of 2016, MCC Kozmetik A.Ş. will continue on its way. Our company, which has been in continuous quality and growth momentum since the day it was founded, has accomplished many successful projects until today. It has achieved national and international success in the field of perfume with the brands of İksir and Samy, and in the field of personal care products with rose essence with the Eglantine and Gülhane brands. Our company, which constantly renews itself, continues to work to bring successful brands to the sector.

Our vision; To create innovative, reliable brands in the personal care products sector, in the domestic and foreign markets.

Our Values; Ensuring customer satisfaction, Continuous improvement, being good, staying well, Not compromising business ethics and honest working principles, Creating added value, Developing and growing altogether.

Past Experiences

  • 2003
    Our first perfume production started in Isparta
  • 2008
    After 5 years, İksir opened its first overseas store in France, the capital of perfume
  • 2013
    Our company, which has achieved great success in the field of perfumery, has carried out 2 new projects in the field of personal care products since 2013
  • 2016
    It enabled the processing of Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary, Juniper, and many Medicinal and Aromatic Plants as well as Rose, with the largest and most technological factory in the Lakes Region
  • Happy Body, Ala Rose, Josephine, Calcedoine are some of our new projects.

MCC Kozmetik defines its understanding of social responsibility from production to consumption as an integral part of the branding process.

It is progressing step by step with an understanding based on knowledge and trust, to become the roof of brands, each of which specializes in different categories and can respond to different requests and expectations.

Happy Body
Ala Lavandula